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The heroes who weren’t.

  • Dwarf Warrior – Ular Stonehand
  • Eladrin Mage – Stanos Starpalm
  • Gnome Rogue – Matzah “Nick” Gemthumb
  • human cleric of Pelor –
  • Elf Paladin
  • Halfling Ranger

  • Green Sails – dwarven long ship trading
    Crew wears red armor

    Crater Lake far to the north is the site of the final failure. Was previously an eladrin city

    Fallcrest, as provided in the DMG sample adventure. We begin with Kobold Hall and who knows where we will go next.

    Went to check on Douven Staul in Winterfell. Ended up clearing some more kobolds out their and killing irontooth who was a comically tough goblin in an oversized helmet. Found Douven at the Dragon Burial site and sent him back to town.
    Cleared out the Goblins and returned to town to hear of dangers in the old keep. Went to investigate the keep and are still there, in the dungeons, now.

    Main Page

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